Our vision is that sustainable positive change can only be achieved by closely linking social, environmental and economic development together. we believe that the most efficient way of doing so is by offering the highest value to our partners and customers, while integrating social and environmental aims at the core of our activities.

Awarness raising and the mainstreaming of social responsibility among individuals and companies.

Each LUSH event promotes a specific charitable project implemented by a non-profit organisation and uses its media and marketing tools to inform the public about it. The promotion of each event fully integrates messages about the cause supported and reaches out to 100,000s of residents in Thailand through mailing lists, printed media advertising and social media campaigns.

Moreover, LUSH demonstrates that it is possible to organise high quality events which are affordable and supporting of good causes. LUSH thereby encouraging individuals and companies to be socially responsible in their daily activities, as well as to launch their own positive initiatives in their area of competencies whenever possible.


Fundraising for projects that provide sustainable social and/or environmental benefits.





Each LUSH event raises funds for a non-profit organisation. The selection process is regulated by set of guidelines that ensure the project is maximising sustainable social and/or environmental benefits. LUSH also undertakes a background screening of the organisation’s capacity to implement the project successfully. Each event bears high costs and its success depends on a large array of external factors, including weather, competing events and changes in politics. LUSH absorbs the entirety of the financial risks taken at each event, so that no financial losses are ever incurred by charitable organisations.


Organising 100% carbon neutral (i.E. climate friendly) activities.

The greenhouse gas emissions emitted during each LUSH event are scientifically monitored and entirely compensated through our sponsoring partner South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd. Our events are thus 100% guaranteed to not contribute to climate change.  The monitoring process takes into account the transportation to and away from the event, emissions from food and drinks, and the creation of waste.

The compensation of the emissions is done through the purchase of carbon emission credits, which have been generated through the support of renewable energy projects in the country where the event took place.


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