LUSH is Bangkok's original series of site-specific events with a social purpose.



Launched in 2009, LUSH has grown to regularly gather up to 5,000 people at immersive, multi-stage music festivals in some of the city’s most daring locations. Our visionary approach, focused on offering remarkable experiences shaped around extraordinary sites, has inspired LUSH to take over entire 5-star hotels, to create Bangkok’s first dance floor on a helicopter landing pad, and to pull off steam-punk flavoured concerts in maze-like vintage markets. (see our events)

LUSH also promotes positive change by donating 30% of the profits generated by each event to carefully selected projects with social and/or environmental purposes. We demonstrate that cutting-edge businesses can be both profitable and socially responsible in a transparent, accountable and impact-oriented manner. (see our supported projects)






Having designed, developed and organised dozens of events that are indisputably unique, the team behind LUSH regularly innovates and influences the events industry in Thailand. LUSH exists at the nexus between nightlife, art and social change, with a growing and diverse community of followers who want the extraordinary, one-of-a-kind experiences fashioned each time by LUSH.


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