Since 2009, LUSH has successfully raised and donated more than 1,500,000 THB to charitable causes.



LUSH – generating organic food and income


This successful project provides a sustainable and healthy supply of vegetarian food to children and the school’s employees, while also giving the organisation a secondary source of income, as surplus food is sold at local markets.

The Yaowawit School and Resort welcomes visitors, volunteers, and donations. You can join Yaowawit on Facebook here

LUSH – filming the Yaowawit School


A total of 314,000 THB was donated to construct a greenhouse for growing organic vegetables and to build a 10-station learning centre designed to teach the schoolchildren sustainable farming skills and provide the school with a sustainable income. In July 2012, LUSH visited the project for a week to shoot a series of short films documenting the program. The films, shot by filmmaker Stijn Dessel, were then donated to the school and are being used to promote their cause and to help raise additional funding.

You can also join Yaowawit on Facebook here

LUSH – harvesting organic rice



The LUSH event that took place on the 26th of November 2010 supported the Chuay Dek charity project by financing an organic rice field near the Buddha Kasettra School in Mae Hong Son. This project aims to sustainably provide healthy food to over 100 underprivileged schoolchildren.

Exactly one year later, in November 2011, the first harvest of rice took place with the schoolteachers, the schoolchildren and the members of Chuay Dek performing the tasks themselves.

For more information on the project, contact Chuay Dek at or by phone at +66 (0) 88 635 4449.

LUSH – planting an organic rice field



LUSH supported the Chuay Dek charity project financing an organic rice field near the Buddha Kasettra School, Mae Hong Son. This project aims at sustainably providing healthy food to over 100 poor schoolchildren. It was a beautiful adventure to help the children to plant the rice they will now be eating throughout all forthcoming years.

For more information, you can contact Chuay Dek at or Ms Siriporn Sriaram (Vivi) by phone at 0886354449.

LUSH – the children of the Buddha Kasettra School



LUSH raised 60,000 THB, and the sum has been handed over to the Buddha Kasettra School in Mae Hong Son, with the support of the Chuey Dek initiative and It financed an organic rice field near the school that provided healthy food for the 107 schoolchildren for one year.

The photos show the first follow-up visit before the project start and receipt of funds by the school. LUSH guests were invited to join the rice planting which occurred in June/July 2011


LUSH – Art with the Camillian kids



A small group came together to visit the Camillian Home and to celebrate World Habitat Day. To reflect on the state of our cities and the basic right to adequate shelter, LUSH supporters led an art workshop with the children of the Camillian Home regarding this year’s theme, 'Better City, Better Life'.

By brainstorming with colors, textured paper, and mountains of homemade playdough, these children, affected by HIV/AIDS and/or with disabilities, were able to express what their idea of what a better environment would be, and how we might get there.

LUSH – Planting trees for reforestation



LUSH raised 52,500 THB for the Plant A Tree Today Foundation, which enabled the organization to plant and manage 700 trees in the Khao Yai National Park on a surface area equivalent to 2 rai of land. The trees were planted to support reforestation, climate change mitigation, and the maintenance of biodiversity in the area.

The tree planting project follow-up trip was held on the 21 of October 2010.

LUSH – Giving a home and food to elephants



The LUSH event held on Friday 26 of March at f Studio Bar raised 47,382 THB for The Elephant Home Foundation. This sum enabled the organization to plant 4,000 trees on a large river island, providing a home and sustainable source of food for elephants. The tree planting event was held on World Environment Day, on June 5 and June 6, 2010.

LUSH – On the borders of Burma



Delivering funds and spending time with the kids. Watch the thank you video and find out more about this project here.

LUSH – Toy Library

For more information about LUSH, or our social and environmental projects,

please contact us at

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